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    SEO Training

    My CEO recently decided she wanted me to take over SEO for our company. Most of my knowledge in this thus far has been from this site. Since my company offers education assistance w/ job-related training, i was wondering if anyone could recommend a good SEO training company or if there are any widely recognized SEO Training Programs or Certificates out there.
    I would need training on both regular web site optimization and on paid keyword advertising (ie. Google Adwords and Overture).

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    Most of the people here who are successful have done that by...

    1) intensive self study
    2) enormous amounts of experimentation with detailed record keeping
    3) checking in here daily to read, ask questions, share observations, help others when you can

    Helping others when you can is the most important in my opinion. The people who do that get extra good response when they post a question. I have gotten lots of great assistance this way and some real gems have arrived by PM.
    * "It's not the size of the dog in the fight that matters, it's the size of the fight in the dog." Mark Twain
    * "Free advice isn't worth much. Cheap advice is worth even less." EGOL
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    EGOL gives you good advice. I had that same question not to long ago...

    Home School yourself. Set some time aside everyday and dive into! I had some knowledge coming in, but I'm polishing what I did have and adding to it daily here...
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    17 itself is playing a major role of emarketing training. we are coming soon starting e-marketing traning on our website.
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    Sarah... SEO changes so fast that most any book on the subject is obsolete before it gets released by the printer. Consider SEOChat as your SEO classroom. Read, study and apply what you learn. If at any time you have a question... raise your hand (i.e. start a thread on the subject). We all started and learned in this manner (including all the mods on SEOChat).
    ...Never mistake activity for achievement...

    ...Wise men don't need advice. Fools won't take it....
    Benjamin Franklin
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    This is a great place to learn...but there are also other good sources. I started on Search Engine Watch, which does provide excellent intro information from real experts with a high powered forum. This is my favorite, though. The SEOcat FAQ is a great place to start as is DazzlinDonna's 1,000th post.


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