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February 21st, 2006, by

I recently logged on to some chat room and the most burning topic I found was ‘Does SEO and Linkbuilding really helps”.

This article may help you out of this quandary.

Here are few tips. This is just an advice.

Are Web designers SEO experts. All Web designers are not search engine optimization experts and vice versa. In fact, SEO experts can tell what a good website needs and web designers can design the site as per guidelines given.

Flash is not Indexed by search engines:
Actually no search engine has so far been able to develop an absolute programme to index sites which rely heavily on Flash programming and as such reducing the amount of Flash on your site may increase its SEO. That said, Google apparently has been beta-testing software that would allow its spiders to analyze Flash offerings, but that is still in its infancy, so don't overdo the Flash animation. The same is true for sites designed with frames.
Final tip is use Flash all you want, but use it intelligently and make sure there is sufficient text for a search engine spider so it can understand and score the page ie use Flash within an HTML design that also includes text.

Meta’s-Keywords and alt-text.
Your Metas tags (the title and words describing the page) shoulds describe your site contents well. Only relevant metas help build the site well. Keywords on your site must be used throughout your site, but especially in your meta. Choose and use these keywords carefully. Avoid using broad terms like "design." Instead, you want to use more specific terms like "Western design." “Ethical design”
The best way is to go to google lab put your selected keywords and make a search. Check the no. of results you get for each keyword (type in the keywords you want people to use to come to your site or page) and see what competitive sites come up. Then surf on over to those pages and view the source HTML code and look at their keywords in their meta tags.
Using specific keywords in the title tags is a good recommendation though as is the use of the meta description tag for a page summary.

All pictures on your site must have alt-text cleverly chosen from keywords you are using in your site.

Link exchange. Link building need to be done very carefully. Links from any XYZ site pointing to your site will not help. You need to have links from quality sites, which are indexed on google, and are related to your site. It is a good idea to engage in some quality link exchanges with other good sites. Please avoid such links “Real-estate site” links to ‘garden seeds’.

In nut shell, a mix of relevant directory links,relevant backlink, good relevant articles, social bookmarking, press releases and offline advertising are all good ways to generate one way links into your site.

Yahoo directory inclusion is helpful is still debatable. Check your budgets. The best linking strategy is to create content that is so compelling, that other sites will link to it. Producing great content over time can generate a sort of momentum that will attract links without having to ask for them.

Today's tip: by “If you don’t understand, discuss it. You might be an expert designer but not a developer. Consult and learn from other. It will prevent you from pitfalls”

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