Hi guys

I work for a design agency. We often get requests for offsite SEO. We can do keyword research and carry out onsite optimisation of our sites ourselves, and to date I've been outsourcing offsite SEO from individual contractors on oDesk and the likes - purely because I'm the only one here with any knowledge of offsite SEO and what makes for a good/poor job.

I'm leaving the agency so there'll be nobody to intensely moderate work done by individual overseas contractors. What we need therefore, is a reliable team/agency (not an individual from an outsourcing site) to pass work to, whereby we can literally pass on a brief and goals of any offsite SEO projects, access to the website files if reqd, and they take on the rest, reporting back to us.

Does anyone have any recommendations for such teams/agencies? It'd be preferable if these were in Europe or English speaking