recently i read the article (webmonkey.comss/tutorial/Optimize_Flash_for_Search_Engines_With_PHP)
It was an informative article on how to show different content to search engines and users and also how to seperate my flash files into seperate pages that could then be bookmarked and indexed separately (deep linking).

The problem i had was that google could not read my xml data and further i wanted to allow google and users to index/bookmark seperate pages out of the flash file (deep linking).

Basically the php script allows me to create a page such as products.php . So say someone goes to products.php what the php script does is firstly detects whether the visitor is a search engine or whether the visitor is a user. The php script uses $HTTP_SERVER_VARS["HTTP_USER_AGENT"] function to check who the visitor is.

If the visitor is a search engine then it will load my products.xml file into the page as well as other relevant information such as links to other parts of the site and some of the opening paragraphs of the products page.

If the visitor is a user then i will send them to index.php with with various 'flashvars' such as (index.php=products&movie=product1
then the user can go directly to the flash page of their choice.

What this script means is that:
1. search engines can index the flash site based on its particular pages
2. users can go directly to particular pages without having to navigate from the flash homepage
3. search engines can view the content of the website more accurately (for example by seeing the xml data)

My problem is that i have been reading some of google's policy now after spending countless hours setting this up, that this may be considered cloaking. Cloaking is generally considered " a black hat search engine optimization (SEO) technique in which the content presented to the search engine spider is different to that presented to the user's browser."

I cant see why this would be the case because i am not offering different content, i am offering exactly the same content (though saying that, while there has been no additional content added I have subtracted some content from the search engine page such as some of the text used on the flash page in the search engine generated page).

Is this a case of cloaking?

How can I get around this? One way that has been suggested is to make the pages that the google sees completely the same as the flash content but this is impossible because google does even see dynamic data from flash (xml loaded for example).

Thanks for your help in advanced.