Our website has been ranked first for a very long time. We have more than 6 times the amount of backlinks as our competitor (GOOD backlinks), so why are they ahead of us? They also have many external links on their home page without "rel=nofollow". I have recently seen some possible spam backlinks in Webmaster tools 404 errors, such as "folkd.com". Should I disallow backlinks like this or will that make our SEO even worse?

For the last 2 weeks, they have had a large PDF document that has been ranking ahead of our website (for the main keyword). Then a couple of days ago their website was coming ahead of ours as well. Their website only has ONE PAGE (with all of their content), and for all other keywords we rank ahead of them. Their single page is the only one that is ranking well.

On more than 1 occasion recently I have re-indexed our website to Google. We have links on our home page to our overseas domains. I added nofollow to them - is this ok? Our website then went to FIRST position and theirs was NOT EVEN ON THE FIRST PAGE. Then a couple of hours later it is back to the same problem. This has happened about 3 times. Is there any reason for this fluctuation? (their website changing from top of page 1 to not even on page 1 when OURS is being reindexed)

The other company also have another website that they use to promote themselves, and on one page in Google search 3 results apart I saw the EXACT SAME titles showing up multiple times. How is this possible?

Also, why is their PDF ranking ahead of the websites?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.