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    Opinion about IBP

    Guys I ran into IBP from axandra.com about a month ago. Tested it and had some success. Looks like a easy to understand tool and a fairly unique approach to seo.

    Any wise ... opinions out there?
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    Good tool i like it, been usuing for a while, love its ranking tool . i try to use it once while,so not to piss Google off. So far no problems
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    IBP has a number of benefits and I am not talking about the SE submission tool. It has very powerful SEO tools whereby it is easy to compare your site to the top ranking sites. Giving you the full analisys on the KW density comparison between the sites. Definately a very handy tool!
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    IBP grew out of Arelis which it now incorporates. Arelis is a reciprocal link building tool which facilitates the building of a link directory, automated emailing and posting of links for people that link back to to you.

    Reciprocal linking is a dubious/debatable strategy. Interpretation of Google's guidelines suggests that links that are gathered in this way are discounted or in some respected people on here's opinions penalised. In the opinions of many SEOs reciprocal linking is an abusive practice.

    In my opinion a high quality, carefully constructed, themed link directory is a worthwhile addition to a web site and still a useful promotion technique. Contrary to what many say I am not sure that Google devalues good quality themed reciprocal links quite as much as it likes to imply (via Matt Cutts.)

    Reciprocal Links were being chanted down as abusive as long ago as 2003 and I got into heated debates on the subject then. Google actually came out and gave strong pointers that it disliked the practice more recently and debates rage on the subject regularly. Having said that nobody can argue with results that generate serious money.

    I used Arelis to promote the number one sites for these keyphrases. All top spot on Google solid for three years

    patio furniture
    bar stools

    Therefiore there is no argument that the tool can complement other SEO activities effectively. Please note that the tool wasn't a quick win and I had full time people using in for hundreds of man days to get these results.

    You can see the IBP generated resource directories on the sites.

    I have ongoing experiments to duplicate these results and any risks associated. Be aware that clients may have prejudices against the tool because of the devaluing arguments presented by SEOs and Google. Also consider that if you adopt a linking strategy that may be perceived as risky or cause a potential penalty to an established site then you should consider the business ethics of your activities make your client fully aware of that risk.
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    this is like 6 years old, this thread, eh! so any opinions are vastly outta date, eh!

    Jim Rudnick
    Canadian SEO

    Twitter: @JVRudnick

    read. learn. hypothesize. test. analyze...then rank!

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    Originally Posted by JVRudnick
    this is like 6 years old, this thread, eh! so any opinions are vastly outta date, eh!

    Damn I are stupid.

    Sorry for the disagree to whoever above. I was just about to go on a rant. lol

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