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    Noob here. I have some questions.

    Hi guys. Noob here so please be gentle.

    I have some questions!

    1. When I find my niche for example: "cheap used car for sale". I am targeting people that are looking to a buy cheap used car. Correct?

    In this case, what is the next step? Should I make a website with some articles giving people tips on this subject or create only 1 article targeting these keywords?

    Another example of niche: night clothes for curvy women. Should I make a website dedicated to giving tips to:

    Curvy women


    Curvy women that are looking for clothes


    Curvy women that are looking for night clothes

    I know that Google index pages not domains! Therefore, if I create a website about a broad topic (curvy women) but target a niche (night clothes for curvy women) with pages/articles on my site, I can still rank on these keywords (night clothes for curvy women) right?


    My other question is:

    If I want to open an e-commerce site for example. I would like to sell prom dresses, party dresses, cocktail and party dresses. I would like to put a blog on the site. For example: ecommercesite/blog/the-perfect-party-dress. On this part of the site, I would like to post regular articles that are targeting specific keywords. For example: prom dress, party dress and casual dress.

    Some of the title of these articles would be:

    "How to choose your prom dress"

    "The perfect party dress"

    "When to wear a formal dress"

    With each article, I would try to target a specific keywords and do SEO on this article (for eg: ecommercesite/blog/the-perfect-party-dress).

    The strategy here is to redirect my customers to buy my products, also to get good ranking on the blog pages and on my main domain. Is this a good strategy? Am I on the right track?

    Thank you!
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    You are right on track SamyContent.

    Everything you wrote is exactly as it should be done. broad on the domain and tight niched pages of detail, like page on party dresses, evening dresses, trendy dresses for example. the blog positioned in the .com/blog/ folder is best to give added value to the root domain. subdomains are treated as separate sites, so .com/blog/ is preferred. Seems like you have a much better understanding than most just getting started. Good Luck!
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    Starter is a better word

    Let me try just one of your questions:
    1.cheap used car for sale.

    You have not mentioned the Geographical Location- Esp the country. Let me assume it to be US.
    You did not mention if you are trying to list out used cars or trying to Create articles and earn through Ads. Let me assume it to be the later.

    I feel that some one who uses the keyword mentioned above is in an advanced stage of decision making. He is looking forward to buy and not to decide on buying it. So mostly you will find it hard to rank and even if you rank your bounce rate will be bad.

    May be you can do a research (based on your Geo) on what brand of cars are being sold good in second hand and can target on keywords (with volume) like "Is it good to buy a
    second hand xyz car" or on Long tails similar to that.

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    Relevancy is extremely important. You need to consider: is the right person visiting your page.

    Let's take one of your examples and analyze. You're trying to sell night clothes for curvy women.

    If you targeted just "curvy women," it would not fit in. A Google search for "curvy women" (this is in my search history now, thanks for that ) you will find blogs including lists of the celebrities with the nicest curves. Clearly, people searching "curvy women" are looking for pictures. And rightly so.

    "curvy women that are looking for clothes" is much more relevant. There are some blogs here too, but also mixed in are plenty of boutique sites. You should find higher volume terms in this niche, though. "curvy women that are looking for clothes" has no U.S. search volume or cost-per-click. Consider "clothes for curvy women" or "curvy women clothing."

    "curvy women that are looking for night clothes" is obviously the most relevant - but there isn't enough audience. I did a quick search and could not find any high volume terms. You are best off targeting "clothes for curvy women," but mentioning in your title tag that you sell exclusively night clothes.

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