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    New domains for better category positioning: replicate content vs 301 redirects


    I got a web that for discusion purposes we are going to call exampleweb.com divided in more that 20 categories and more than 150 subcategories. As an aditional fact: products rotate very very quicklly.

    Aditionally I have adquired several domains containing the keywords that I want to use for positioning some secondary pages in the web, continuing with the example: I have cheapcategory1.com that ideally will have the same products as i will display in exampleweb.com/category1

    If I do cheapcategory1.com a separate web from exampleweb.com/categoria1/ but I include the same products on both (same titles, same picture, same price, etc) ┐will I have problems with duplicating content?, Some other sites on the web are already using also this content as many of my products are taken from afiliate feeds.

    One guy told me that the best thing to do is make a 301 redirect from cheapcategory1.com to exampleweb.com/category1 but I am not sure is this is going to let me benefit (SEOwise) from the keywords included in the name ogcheapcategory1.com as the web never had content and it first thing it would be doing is a 301 redirect

    What will be the best option for me SEOwise? 301 Redirect these new domains to my main domain secondary pages or duplicate the articles on the new domains? Maybe a mixed strategy: 6 month second option and after 301 redirecting?

    Thanks a lot!
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    My suggestion is that you don't use the secondary domains at all. There are a few reasons:

    1. Exact Match and Partial Match domains have very little benefit anymore. Google has put out several updates in the past year or two that have eliminated nearly all the benefit from them. The only possible way it can help is that when people link to a site with the keywords as it's name or domain, they are more likely to include those keywords in the link text. But even that has lost some benefit over the years.

    2. Because having a keyword in your domain doesn't really help, all having multiple domains does is cause you to have to build up the authority (Pagerank) of several sites instead of one. Now, you're having to create content and build an audience for multiple sites in order to get links and shares for each of the sites so you can rank well. That's a lot of work or, if you aren't putting the work to do it very well, then you'll get nowhere. If you just have the one site, then you can focus all your attention creating content and building an audience for just the one site and, thus, establish yourself as an authority in your niche.

    As to your specific questions...

    Redirecting a domain name that has not Pagerank doesn't do anything for you, whether there's a keyword in the domain or not. So, there's no reason to do that.

    Duplicate content will, most likely, be an issue if you create new sites with the same content. It may already be an issue for you since you are using an affiliate feed. Can you customize your content? If so, that would be a much better way to spending your time and resources. Create unique content for each of those pages so you don't have to worry about duplicate content. Then create great, unique, interesting, new content that people would want to share and link to and build up your audience. If you have spare time after that, focus on making the user experience of your site awesome so people like to shop there and you convert a greater percentage of your visitors.

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