hey guys,

I am working on a website, its old and has thousands of links, many are from directories, I have disavowed those links recently. Anyway, the issue I have is the site gets good traffic from long tail keywords but doesnt even rank in top 200 for any of the main keywords.

The homepage and other main pages, none of them rank even in top 200. Looking at the competition, sites start to become irrelevant after 100 results so even if the on-page SEO is not perfect the site should at least be in top 100.

The homepage and other main pages show up top 70 if I make major changes to the pages (content only not titles) but it stays there for a few hrs and then vanishes again.

The site got hit by penguin 2.0 a few yrs back.So is it possible that its still penalized?

Full site is indexed in Google.