1 - Should I link from a different domain? I see that some sites do this but the source domain is quite sketchy. Would it be wise to link from domain.com/link.html, and have them link TO www.domain.com? Does that help ranking by creating 1 way links, without being unethical?

2 - How can relevance REALLY be that important? I have read lots of pure white hat guys talking about making sure your website user would actually enjoy visiting your link partners.... but thats hogwash to me... people simply dont visit link pages very often. I stay away from adult, gambling, and any site that appears to be a "pure affiliate" site with no actual product or service..... should i put a travel link on a furniture website? I just figure that everyone who links to CNN.com surely isnt "relevant" to CNN.... right?

3 - Linkmanager and Link Metro? I have had great sucess with linkmanager because I can manually sort each link and nothing is automated other than the busy work of adding the HTML and FTP. I would also like to start using LinkMetro, but I dont know then if I should setup two seperate link centers on the site, or only use one? Anyone have a recommendation?

4 - Articles ... Could someone give me a link to some basic info on submitting articles? Do people actually read them? or are there basically article farms that will soon go the way of link farms?