As everybody of you I am a webmaster, and I am always looking for new ways to promote my sites and make them indexed faster by Google and other major search engine services. I think that there are many ways to accomplish this, and one of this is promoting your link by making other sites put a link to your homepage.

Search engine crawlers, once they see that your site is linked many times on different sites, itís supposed to give a better importance to your pages and give them a better position in the rankings. Now, link building is a boring and time-wasting activity.

Anybody involved in search engine optimization know how long it takes everytime you submit your link to a web directory, or you try to contact a certain webmaster to obtain that link exchange with him. I always wondered if it was a program that could help me manage my link campaign, so to speed up and optimize my work.

Well, I have to say that I have tried many programs and that most of them are not effective. Automatic submissions are simply not working, because nowadays every script is able to recognise and avoid that kind of bots. So, the real key was to find a good software able to manage link exchange quickly and efficiently.

Most of the programs out there are expensive, and I had not the budget to afford a $500 software, or something like this. The other day I found out on google about LinkAssistant, and gave it a try. Their website URL is and until now as far as I know there is a trial version of their software that anyone can try for free.

I have done that, and I must say that I have been very impressed of what this software can do. First of all, it can manage link pages in minutes, and you can program your template like a simple programming script, and the program will automatically generate pages containing those links (so you wonít need to manually create multiple pages anymore).

Moreover, it can search on google for potential link partners, catch their email address and send them emails asking them for a link exchange. You can customize your email template, in order not to make the email look like spam.

I think that you will need some expertise and make some tries before mastering this kind of link promotion, but I learned and now Iím really satisfied with the results: I can find at least 5 new link partners everyday, without sending too many emails.

You can manage your link partners, check if your link is still on their site, so to automatically update your link pages. If you know something about SEO then you know how much valuable is it, and I think that itís worth a try.

I bought it, less than $100, and I donít regret this purchase. It really saves my time and gives me good results. Just wanted to share, so to give a tribute to who programmed Link-Assistant for making a good work!