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    Large Ecommerce Website Product Pages


    I'm working for a company who run a HUGE ecommerce website - We're talking upwards of 9,000 products available to be purchased online. All of the products have descriptions by the manufacturer, which of course makes them susceptible to duplicate content. After trawling the internet for a while in search of some advice I've found myself here!

    I'm hoping to find out the next step from here in order to improve our favour with the search engines and really get ranking for our desired keywords, whether that means the painful task of going through 9,000 or so products and trying to write unique descriptions for each of them (bare in mind that produce on the website it also changing weekly so this would be a VERY long task).


    Would it be best to noindex, follow the product pages?


    Would it be best to disallow the product catalogue from the robots.txt file?

    Or anything else that may magically help us to appear at #1?

    Any help is HUGELY appreciated,

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    You could add quality or unique content to the pages but it's not going to help you magically appear at number one overnight.

    Have you looked into other options first like canonical issues? duplicate content? inbound links that could have a detrimental effect?
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    You are not going to like this answer. I also work for a large e-commerce website with thousands of products, literally thousands... You will need to re-write every single product page. The manufacturer's descriptions are great, for the manufacturer. Now picture every other site that's also using that description, there is no way to rank. I have been writing, and writing and writing and my rankings are improving but it takes time. Our site was impacted by the Mayday update in 2010, nothing has been done about it until I started working on it in late 2012.
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    Originally Posted by lwells
    Would it be best to noindex, follow the product pages?
    This [^above^] is a safe easy way to handle this.

    Focus search results on homepage, category pages and if you have static best seller pages < those as well.

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    You have to be unique and descriptive in every product page, you must write unique content for every single page if you want it to appear in search results. Simpley make a specific format for product pages and categorize them, it will also help user to surf through the website.
    Have a look at gsmarena website, you will get what I mean to say.
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