This post is for the new folks to seo, or those trying to learn.

In giving help to a fellow member here on SeoChat I noticed a mistake that was being made. I am not going to mention names or sites.

The issue is choosing the keywords to not use. That's right, "keywords not to use". What I noticed is that the member was targeting "one word phrases".Now this is not bad behavior in general, but if your site is new, has no authority and what not, don't target 1 word keywords. Wait until you have garnered some authority and traction in the market, then start targeting those 1 word terms.

At best they are ambiguous, at worse case they're highly competitive. They are not geo-relative to your location in most instances. Also you will play hob with the devil in getting any traffic.
Do not target the same keywords for the "Whole Site" that's right. Don't make every page target those phrases. Again it will be hard to get ranked for the one word phrases, 1 because there are more sites out there that will most likely have more traction in that keyword vertical. Also keep in mind that if each page targets the same keywords your site is competing with it's self. That in and of itself is bad.

So do your keyword research, bust your keywords up into groups that are semantically related and let each page on your site do it's job. Target traffic for that phrase, for the specific page, (again I caution against 1 word phrases for new sites).

I hope this post helps some of you new folks to seo and for those that have made this mistake.