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    Keyword ranking fluctuations


    Please explain why my keyword rankings are often not showing in the search listings.

    Last week my website was ranking in top 20 positions for some keywords.

    When i checked later it is not found in 1000. This is not the one time but most of the time.

    please let me know is there anything i need to change.

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    You need to change your tactics. What ever your doing isn't working, in fact it might be working against ya.
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    First of all you need to conduct a research of your keywords. One of reasons is that your keyword is highly competitive. In general, at the beginning it is better to choose keywords with low competitiveness as they increase the chance of getting into top by low frequent search queries.
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    I don't see how others can give you advice about this yet as you have not given any details about your site such as:

    1. site age (is it a new site?)
    2. are you in a competitive market?
    3. what works been done on and off site?

    More details are needed or people are simply throwing random and pointless guesses at you, I could say its because:
    A. your sites new (could be completely wrong),
    B. you have no quality back links?
    C. your competitors are much better at seo then you?
    D. you have duplicate content?
    E. google just noticed your site is part of a huge spam network?

    See how the list could go on and on without any details or even knowing what site we are talking about!?

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