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    keyword conversion rate

    how to identify higher conversational keywords?
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    Since you have stated about conversational keywords, you are concerned with PPC. I hope you find this link helpful: online-sales-marketing.com/conversational-keywords

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    Originally Posted by Tandra
    how to identify higher conversational keywords?
    You can check for competitor's target keywords for the product or service you wish to find high conversational ones.
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    Hi Tandra,
    Sorry, your question is ambiguous.

    However, it seems to me when you ask about pages not ranking in the top 100 and that you want info about identifying high converting "keywords" for them in generic searches, this does not sound like a PPC query.

    Let me go back to basics...

    In generic search, Search Engines do not rank "keywords" in the sense of a specific string of words. They assess the SE "ranking score" of the individual words in a search query on one of your web pages and on those that link to it.

    We should talk about how searching has evolved over the years. Back at the beginning, Google was designed to manage and search through 100 million pages. It now claims to have indexed 130 trillion pages.

    As the number of pages increased, the searcher learnt he/she needed to use longer search queries. It started with around 2 word search queries could obtain relevant results back in 2000. Now, in spite of all G's search improvements, the world-wide growth of content means the average search has grown to around 4 words in length.

    Basically, what happens is that the more words we use in a search query, the more non-relevant web pages are removed from the search results, the lower the volume of search competition means the number of "ranking points" is lower for the top ranked page.

    You posted a question on the forum here (Keyword finalisation) that is relevant to this question.

    If you are looking for some magic "keyword" tool to answer a generic search high conversion keyword query, it does not exist.

    They do not and cannot assess generic search at the low search volumes that generate the highest conversion rates.

    Learn to use your knowledge of your business and your target clients. It should be infinitely better than the misunderstood nonsense spat out by SEO tools.
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    LSI Keywords and Long tail keywords are conventional keywords you can find this types of keywords

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