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    Internal Site Search Pages shouldn't be indexed but...

    I am aware that Google suggests internal site search pages on your own website should not be indexed, but what if they bring actual value.

    Imagine a pet-shop directory website, split by region, and color. Search allows you to narrow down to red, blue, green, yellow or purple pets when on a region page.
    (The majority of the pets have most colors on them).
    Search allows you to narrow down by region, when on a color page

    Someone searches google for "pet shop toronto" your main Toronto region page shows up.
    Someone searches google for "pet shop yellow pets" your main Yellow Pet page shows up.

    If someone searches "pet shop toronto yellow pets" surely the search page where it has already been narrowed down is the most relevant result?

    Further to this:
    You can't optimize the 'Toronto' region page for every color (there are just too many colors) , you can't optimise the 'Yellow' page for all cities (there are too many cities).

    So what would be the best approach in this scenario?
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    You can create filter option on each city related page for colors - so if some land to your city related page and select green color from color filter then website page URL should be optimized accordingly like- domain dot com/category/city/color. Use the same technique for all city-related page. In this case, you have to work on optimizing dynamic URLs only.

    Allowing Indexing of Internal site search in Google is not a good idea because in this case lots of internal searches with different URLs will index in Google and those URLs might create a duplicate content problem and also search engine crawler budget will waste in crawling all internal search queries related URLs.
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    Thank you for your input, dynamic urls are not something I know much about.

    But a website page url like domain dot com/category/city/color seems like a static sub-category url to me.

    When I go on to my page 'Toronto' I can select 'yellow' on the right hand side which then lists all the Toronto pets with a custom field value of yellow.

    The page url is: domain.com/location/toronto/?suitability_tags[0]=yellow

    Is this a dynamic url or is it considered a search page?

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