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    I thought up an SEO strategy wich I need some opinions on ...

    Well, I am starting a blog and I am not very experienced doing SEO ... I have read some books about it though and I think I know a bit of the theory and something about the tools to use ... The practice however is new to me ... And that's why I would like to have some opinions on the following scenario regarding my upcoming blog.

    I have chosen a main topic for the blog. The main topic has alot of searches on the keyword (and also alot of competitors!). I chose this topic anyway because it is my field and cause I think I can do a good job writing about the topic. The main topic is my primary keyword...

    The main topic is built up out of categories. These categories are actually keywords wich I got out of keyword research tools and wich fall under the 'umbrella topic' .. These are my secondary keywordphrases...

    Inside these categories I intent to put the relevant articles. These articles are optimized for OR the primary AND secondary keywords, OR just the secondary whenever it's hard to integrate the primary...

    I hope in this way to build a overal ranking for the primary topic / keyword phrase, while building the categories, secondary phrases at the same time ... Eventually ending up with optimized categories and a reasonably overal optimized blog ...

    Ofcourse this is alot of work and thats why I need al your opinions... Let me remind you .. I don't have any practice experience with this ...

    Long post, but thanks for reading and replying ..


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    • EGOL agrees : this guy is gonna earn a ton of loot!
    • rmccarley agrees : Great way to go!
    • fathom agrees : Good job!
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    Sounds like a plan... now all you need is the content...

    ... and links.
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    I chose this topic anyway because it is my field and cause I think I can do a good job writing about the topic.
    I love this! You will blow them out of the water. Go for it!

    The main topic has alot of searches on the keyword (and also alot of competitors!).
    Fear not competition, for where there is competition there is usually money, and where volume exists you can usually get some nice traffic.

    If you know this field I am betting big bucks on you! I like your attitude also!

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    4 posts, 3 blobs... good job - you've already mastered the art of "forum repping".

    fistofpeanuts you have exactly the right strategy. Like Egol said your attitude is perfect. But I want to talk about your structure. Having the main KW at the top of the pyramid with supporting keywords fanning out beneith it is exactly right.

    The two areas to watch out for are discipline and promotion. Do you have the discipline to keep writing content? Regular readers like updates to be "on time". You get to set what that is but once you do you gotta stick with it.

    And then make sure to take time each week for promotion. I don't know how competitive your niche is but with your winning attitude and strategy I think you'll be able to pick up links naturaly once the right people know about your site.

    In the mean time don't forget to spend time link-building and promoting.

    Best of luck!
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    Perfect strategy. Appears you have the heart and soul for it. I beleive you have disciplined yourself to learn the best method to bring your idea to the forefront. Great job!

    Question now is do you have the time to follow through?

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