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    hreflang validators

    Hi all,

    My website has a lot a different international version. We have implemented hreflang tags on our sitemap.
    Only German pages should be indexed on Google.de, only French pages should be indexed on Google.fr etc...

    Today it's not really what happens (Google.fr serves me /nz pages for example) and we want to change that, by making sure all is good on your our sitemap.

    I tried a few validators:

    None of them can check my sitemap ( looking4parking.com/sitemap.xml ).

    Do you know how I can make these validators make some reports for me? Do you know any other way to check if my hreflang tags are correct?

    Thanks for your help!
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    heya Tetelle - You can manually verify this...the only drawback of the methods below is that these are post deployment checks...

    Check Search console
    First place to look is search console...The Language section of the International Targeting page in search consoles shows a high level view on errors from hreflang links throughout your site. Here is a page with more details on checking that out: https://support.google.com/webmaster.../6061244?hl=en (this page also includes info on common issues with implementation) . I would wait two weeks or so to check this, Search console is kinda slow and your sitemap needs to be recached....

    Hand Check
    The second check to do is to run manual queries in each of your target languages. You mention above that in google.de that you would just see the .de version and all other would be deindexed, this is not necessarily correct from my experience , even with correct implementation. For the query that you search the .de version should appear first. If the site that you're working on is new, you can manually test this with brand and partial branded queries to make sure its showing up correctly.

    Check referrals a couple weeks after deployment
    The last way to check this in a scaled fashion is segment traffic by source / medium in Google Analytics [or whatever other analytics provider you're using] and check to see that incoming traffic is going to the proper presence through looking at the Geolocation data for referrers. If you're getting a lot of traffic from google from german IP's to a different language or geotarget versions of your site, that is an indicator that something may not be working as intended as well.... the only requirement here is you need to wait a couple weeks to be reindexed before you can run this check...

    Hope some of this helps!

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    Awesome, thanks for your quick answer Whiterabbit
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    I like this thread a lot, so I think I'll move it to our Search Engine Optimization section to give it more visibility.

    Sometimes the forum software pitches a fit when I move things - so if anyone can't post in this thread and wants to, let me know.
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    The only tool that I know of that can valid a list of URLs (not just 1 URL) is Hreflang.org. That's because I was looking for a tool like that and didn't find one, so I built it

    You can specify your list on the site or ask the tool to validate all URLs found in a sitemap XML. The limitation of the tool is that it only validates tags found in the HTML or in the HTTP headers. It does not validate XML sitemaps themselves for their Hreflang implementation. So I'm sorry it doesn't help OP directly. But I'm posting here in case others are looking for Hreflang validators that can handle as many URLs as you want to throw at them.
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    Alternative solution: Try create the XML sitemap using a 3rd party solution and compare it what your solution has generated. E.g. A1 Sitemap Generator supports creating XML sitemaps with hreflang information (tick option "Include "hreflang" alternate URLs in sitemap files" before building the XML sitemap)

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