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    hreflang for urls with different language parameters


    My e-commerce website has a general domain let's say https://www.exmple.com in English and when you choose a different language in the drop down list offered to the user the URL is adding a language parameter, for example for Spanish the URL is: https://www.example.com/?language=sp. BTW, there is also a url when choosing English from the list so it changes to https://www.example.com/?language=en.
    In total there are 6 offered languages including English.
    The issue is that there are not enough resources to translate the whole content or new content that is being added frequently for each language, so only the checkout process is translated for those who cannot read English. This is also the reason why there are no subdomains or subfolders for each language.
    My question is how to write the hreflang tag in the correct way. is it supposed to be like this in each language page?:
    <link rel="alternate" href="http://www.example.com?language=sp" hreflang="sp" />
    what about the main domain? should it have an hreflang tag for english? should I remove the redirect of the url to the language=en and redirect to the main domain instead of having 2 different urls with the same content?

    In addition, the language urls are disallowed from crawling in robots.txt. they shoould be allowed to be crawled right? Otherwise it would be cloaking.
    Last one, what should be the canonical tag and on which urls?

    I found this post which I believe includes the right solution for my case: https://webmasters.googleblog.com/20...tilingual.html

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    There are a few problems you will have with this.

    1. You are correct, each different parameter version needs to list itself, and ALL other variations. As you noted, you have six languages, each page should have itself, and the other 5 alternative language url's listed.
    2. If the language versions are disallowed via robots.txt the engines cannot get to the page to get the alternate HREFLang code - so yes, you need to open them to spiders. If you blocked them due to them being duplicates then I assume there is not much translated or they would not be duplicates.
    2. You need to make sure that you use the correct language codes - <link rel="alternate" href="http://www.example.com?language=sp" hreflang="sp" /> in this case I assume you mean Spanish which is "ES" so for each language version make sure you use the correct ISO abbreviation.
    3. Note that there are often problems with parameter versions of the URL since they are triggered by a pull down action by the user or IP detection. If this is the case you must submit them via an XML site map or the engiens will never find them to read the tags as they will get trapped on the version the crawler can reach which is typically the master page.

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