Hi everyone,

Please, this is giving me a headache!

I redirected an old site (goo.gl/onQ3UM) to a new directory.
I had all URLs from the old site redirect to the new homepage (which I now realise was a mistake as I got lots of 404's and soft 404's at the start of last week).

So I'm now trying to redirect each page individually to the closest matching page using a 301 redirect.

I changed the htaccess file to read:
Redirect 301 /wp/new-homepage-feb162 /wp/home [(seems to work fine)]
RedirectMatch 301 /mjs/weddings/(.*) /wp/home/grand-country-house-weddings-and-receptions-dorset/

When I perform a 'Fetch' in GSC goo.gl/onQ3UM/mjs/weddings/217-a-testimonial.html?7bffea3334ebaaaf8a005d78b5e86b8e= 300b60a21ae5159ab1e8cf12b7634b7b
It shows as redirecting to Weddings Main Page - minterne.co.uk

Which is almost right but I don't want the ?7bffea3334ebaaaf8a005d78b5e86b8e=300b60a21ae5159a b1e8cf12b7634b7b

How do I get rid of it??!!!