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    Have you experienced a traffic spike before Panda / Penguin hit?

    There's an interesting article at SEW by Glenn reporting an interesting trend:

    Before hitting you with the filter, Google is sometimes artificially sending you more traffic to collect more data.

    Have you ever seen anything like that?

    Also, Glenn suggests the possibility of "avoiding the disaster" provided you noticed the spike and took some action. I have my own doubts about that. Can you really avoid the filter? I actually doubt that!
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    Is that not natural Ann?
    If the link building frenzy was of a recent period then this type of behaviour will be noticed. Because penguin does not update till it is rolled out periodically. So till then or till the time penguin can catch these bad fishes the website will continue to gain from the link building.

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    • Kevin H agrees : Sounds reasonable to me. Will have to read the original post to see if they have more detailed info.
    • Ann Smarty agrees
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    That is an interesting read, and a little thought provoking. But I'm still not 100% convinced (and agree Ann that IF it is true, then trying to fix things in time before getting hit is probably a vain hope). I'm not quite sure that Google would 'throw' you so far up the SERPs that your pages would suddenly gain so much traffic just to see if people would bounce or not. If they have doubts about a sites backlinks why not just leave it languishing instead.

    I think, like NewDelhiSEO above, that it is more likely that sites have been 'working hard' (in a good way or not) to get the extra traffic and then hit the problems (where algorithmically or not) as their bounce rates or other signals cause them problems.

    It has always seemed to me, and for the moment remains, that the best idea is to for a slow iterative improvement as much as possible; and as much as possible keep the quality as high as you can within the constraints of times and budgets (eCommerce sites are notoriously difficult to avoid thin/duplicate content for instance for one reason or another).

    Having said that, common sense should also kick in a little (for the SEO if not the site owner) in that if you are bringing lots of 'new' traffic to the site and there is a sudden jump in bounce rate (or an already high rate reamins) then you should be looking at just who you are bringing to the site (are these the right people/searchers) and/or look at sorting you content to actually engage them. This is just good business sense (though one I often struggle to get over to clients).

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    Can you really avoid the filter?
    You could if you knew it was coming, but then you'd need to know what exactly was on it's way. And who knows that but google.
    It is interesting but the only thing you can really do is grab your cheeks and hold on for the ride.
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    I call BS. I say the fact traffic has jumped so high set off an internal alarm of something being out of the norm which causes a manual review.

    Google can send bots out to collect data. I highly doubt they would compromise their 'good results' just to get data from a website.

    I think it's the total opposite.

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