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    Google: Disavowing isn't enough!

    Self-explanatory really, Google is reinforcing the fact that using the disavow tool is no substitute for removing the links yourself.

    I haven't actually had to use the disavow tool myself yet, but for everyone's info:


    But given the seemingly automated nature of the disavow link tool, did site owners really need to go through this effort? Why not just submit a list of bad links and save the time? Isnít that really all you need to do? According to the head of Googleís web spam team, Matt Cutts, no:

    "I wouldnít count on this. In particular, Google can look at the snapshot of links we saw when we took manual action. If we donít see any links actually taken down off the web, then we can see that sites have been disavowing without trying to get the links taken down."
    The best course of action is to both remove and disavow according to the article, don't rely on just one (not official, the author's interpretation):

    Hit By Manual Action? Donít Mess Around: Both Remove & Disavow

    I think the reality is two-fold, however. First, many of the sites impacted by things like the Penguin Update and seeking to remove bad links may have many of them, so that by removing a few, the link disavow tool can help as part of an overall clean-up effort

    Second, I actually think the link disavow tool isnít trying to do some type of cross-checking. If you were hit by an automated action like Penguin based on your backlinks, rather than a manual action, I suspect that just disavowing those bad links (if you can tell what they are) will be sufficient. If you read the comments from Cutts closely, his statement is more about what Google could do, not what it necessarily does.

    But having said that, his is the official advice, and so if you think you were hit by a penalty, Iíd follow it fully. Try to remove some of those links manually.

    Moreover, if you were hit by a manual action, where you know some human at Google has penalized yourself, youíre going to be under even more scrutiny when filing a reinclusion request. That means youíll want to know that if a Google web spam team member checks on their site, theyíll see youíve done more than just disavow links.
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    The best course of action is to both remove and disavow according to the article, don't rely on just one (not official, the author's interpretation):[/QUOTE]

    Moving forward it will be interesting to hear how webmasters are doing with this new tool. I guess a lot will depend on how they regard its use and what efforts they make themselves at the outset. Great post!

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    It is good to know about it on the other side I really do not understand this hype that they are creating for this feature. It is just a feature to remove the reference of the link that they had considered it to be a SPAM, which is any how must to have feature for them in web master tools. I would say personalyl google is always a headache for everyone, including all website owners. Improvements in name of bug fixing. Waiting for a better search eng... ;-)

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