Hello Experts,

My name is Arun Kumar. Actually, I am working on an eCommerce website and integrated Google Analytic into a website. Now, I have setup a goal with funnel but it is showing very limited information like no. of visitors, goal completion etc. But I need more information.

My questions are:

1)I want to add custom fields in Goals.(You can see this section by Login into Google Analytic => Conversions=> Goal flow=>Add segment) Is it possible to add custom fields?If yes, Please how?

2) How do we track 1. Pages are performing with an acceptable conversion rate, or whether there is a bottleneck page where many customers are dropping off. Is it possible?

3) Using the goals and funnels, can we track which referring site is producing the goals, e.g. Google PPC is referring x goals ?

I am really looking forward for your advice. Thank you in advance!!