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Using dynamic pages can affect your search engine rankings - especially if those dynamic pages include query strings in the page address.

Many search engines are unable to read or rank dynamic pages which include query strings (ie - http://www.yoursite.com/index.php?id=154 )

The best way is to avoid the problem is to use static pages - which can be read by all search engines without problems.

Using static pages also means all your pages load quicker and you don't place a heavy burden on your database as site visitation increases.
While it is true that some query strings cause problems most do not. The real culprit in queries is using a variable that can be mistaken for a session variable. My reading suggests that this stops many search engines in their tracks.

Static pages are fine for some sites but if, like a client on mine you have 16,000+ housing developments nationwide it's a real pain to manually code all the pages, and much easier to use a database if you want visitors to be able to search for locations etc.