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    Does Google bias the type of content which ranks?

    HI Guys,

    If i wanted to create a nice blog post around a topic like: black dresses or yoga pants.

    If you view google.com or google.com.au results all the top ranking URLs are e-commerce pages which list the products.

    There is very rarely - blog content e.g. top black dresses to wear... or 7 of the hottest yoga pants on the market.

    The search intent is about the same i.e. someone looking for black dresses would be interested in that blog post.

    So in my conclusion Google has some form of bias in delivering ecommerce sites above blog/skyscrapper form of content.


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    Yes of course they are biased! If someone types in "black dresses" is probably more likely to be wanting to buy one than read a blog post on them, so, of course, they will bias the search results towards ecom sites.

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    I would suggest you change your strategy.

    For example .... Dressing for Black Tie and Jacket parties, things of that nature. In your case you mentioned yoga, so "appropriate attire for yoga classes" or "dressing for yoga classes". I think you get my drift here.

    The problem is not Google, but searcher intent. Most folks looking for a black dress, I would wager is either going to a formal event, or a funeral, not meaning to be rude here. The last thing on their mind is a black dress for yoga, but "black leotards for yoga" may have some traffic. I do like blondes in black yoga outfits .... just joking... they do look good tho....

    But is Google biasing those sites over yours, not really, they are trying to serve the most relevant content to the searcher. Presentation is everything. Another word for Presentation is User Experience !

    Black Dresses -- Searcher intent is definitely not looking for yoga outfits.
    Yoga pants -- Searcher intent is definitely not looking for a black tie outfit for a party nor a black dress.
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    Like KnowOnespecial said above, Google tries to understand what is the users intent behind a search key-phrase.
    1. Is he looking for information?
    2. Is he looking to buy that product?
    3. Is he looking for people's opinion about it?
    4. Is he looking for news or trending info around it?
    5. Is he trying to do a calculation .... and similarly many more intents.
    Accordingly the nature of search results changes drastically and the display changes with it. You can't do anything about it.
    But if you create a question out of it like - Are black dresses better than yoga pants? Your blog may rank. However the first preference will be given to QA sites and Forums for obvious reasons.
    So work out a better strategy.

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    Good advice above.

    NewDelhiSEO covered many of G's intent understanding factors.

    Also, Google just updated: How Search works

    This is the page you may want to study: How Search algorithms work

    Some more elements...

    Where are the target customers located? If G thinks the searcher is looking for products or services, it is likely the web searcher's and site's location come into play.

    Eg: Google will automatically send searchers located in Australia to G.com.au. If they have their location tracking on, they will receive results for products/services located near them.

    It is not just e-commerce pages that may be boosted, it could be retail store outlets in suburbs near the searcher.

    At this point I'm confused about whether you are a yoga service or an ecommerce site selling yoga products.

    The difference is critical because it goes to the issue of the individual search words you need to target, the blog content strategy you implement and how it all needs to come together for SEO purposes.

    SE ranking is a point scoring exercise about how the individual words in a search query are used on a page and on those that link to it.

    First point to consider is that the average search query contains 4+ words.

    So, which words do you want to target across the full scope and content of your blog? If you intend publishing 100 blog articles, they could all be linked and be scoring huge numbers of points for search words in URLs and link text.

    Do you want these to be for the words, "yoga", "school", "teachers", "(location name)", "dresses", "black", "shop/store", "online", etc.

    Your blog content and navigation structure can be a major factor in your SEO success.

    If you are blogging to create business for a service or product, you will also want to ensure that everyone who lands on a blog page is incentivised to click through to a product order page or service enquiry page.
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    All of the above is valid - its just you have got your title wrong. Giving a blog post the title "Yoga Pants" doesn't describe the contents. Someone searching "Yoga Pants" is looking to buy. If you have content describe it better:

    - "Best Yoga Pants for 2017"
    - "Yoga pants for Ashtanga Yoga"
    - "Yoga pants the celebrates wear"
    - etc.

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    Google just wants to present searcher with something matching their query! If the query has a buy intent, then of course it will show the eCommerce site before your blog post. The title is important and like Doodled said, when someone searches for 'Yoga Pants', their intent is to buy and not to learn more about Yoga Pants. For example, if I type 'SEO', it means I am looking to learn about search engine optimization, but if I type 'SEO services', it means I am in need of such service.

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