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    hello guys, i was wondering how some websites quote other websites and use their stories to rephrase and
    create new stories out of them, i mean is it allowed to simply use other websites source, rephrasing the whole thing and
    and not asking permission for it, how are these websites able to do it?
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    This exists in varying degrees. Some sites simply scrape (steal) and publish the content as if it is their own. In some cases, they outrank the original source. There really is nothing currently in place to prevent this from happening. At one time Google had Authorship, meant to allow a site owner to be able to claim content. But they abandoned that, after really pushing it on webmasters. Even with authorship, I have heard of people adding content to their sites and having it scraped and published in minutes!

    I will sometimes post brief quotes with a link to the source, unless they have a statement saying permission is required. The link is so valuable in ranking that most site owners appreciate this.
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    Proper citation is not a crime online. In fact, it is a good way to create your content - by supplying and backing your content with reliable and related sources when needed. As long as you cite the source properly, you are not breaking any rules.

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    • wygk : Nonsense. Please review US Copyright law before posting on legal matters.
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    In the United States (and many other countries), creative works are automatically protected by copyright law as soon as they are created. That means you cannot legally copy them without permission.

    There are exceptions, called "fair use." For specific purposes (including scholarship, education, reviews, and news) you can make limited use of a creative work. For example, you could include a brief quote to illustrate a point.

    Note that citation make no difference at all! It is a myth that citing the source makes copying OK.

    As far as rephrasing, that may or may not be legal. There is no magic line that makes a changed version OK... the legal test is whether a "reasonably person" would consider your work to be a copy of the original.

    So, let's say you read the original and make notes. Then, setting aside the original, you re-write the article from your notes. That's probably going to be OK.

    On the other hand, if you sit down and read the original while you write your new version... simply rewording each sentence... that's probably illegal.

    The overall point here is that if you are going to be in the content business, you need to understand copyright law, both to protect your own work, and to avoid infringing ont he legal rights of others.

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