Hello all,

First time poster!

Since I’m fairly novice in the SEO world, I figured I’d ask the pros in hopes of finding an honest answer.

I’m being asked to create a Multilanguage website with 2 languages to begin with and eventually more…

Making the Multilanguage website isn’t my concern. My concern is with the URLs!

From what I’ve seen around the web, I have the ability to choose between two approaches.

Approach #1 (no “culture” in the url)
mydomain.com/create-new-account (English)
mydomain.com/creer-un-compte (French)

Approach #2 (with a culture in the url)
mydomain.com/fr/creer-un-compte (notice the “fr” in the url).

Now…considering the two approaches, in terms of SEO, is there a preferred method over the other one? If yes, is it trivial or is it not and why?

Thanks in advance for helping me shed some light on this!