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    Content accessibility question for site structure


    This is my first post here, thank you for such a great resource of reading and info.

    I have built a website and am hacking along as best I can. I have WordPress installed on my site. I'm going to start adding content to it regularly, but I'm wondering about how to make the content most visible and noticable to search engines.

    I've read that content located multiple folders deep on site is not as well regarded as content that is 'closer to home'.

    And then there's the question of 'subdomain' which I know nothing about at all.

    The question is, if I want to put regular content on site through a blog, is it better to have the content located at


    or at



    I'm most concerned about increasing organic search results with targeted content, and I want to make sure the content goes in the most well-regarded place on my site for search engines to read.

    Can someone please explain this? Thanks for your help!

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    Actually, I don't think there's much difference between site.com/blog/ and blog.site.com. Technically, they are very similar. Simply choose one of the variants and use it in your links all the time.
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    You certainly don't want to put your blog too deep in your site. Website.com/blog is fine. If you are worried about putting files in directories that aren't close to root, just make your content pages site.com/post-title. You might want to integrate the blog into your home page (if it fits the site's goals) so that you get the added benefit of backlinks to your home page when people link to your blog.

    I would only recommend using a subdomain if you have a strong brand that requires reputation management. Since Google only gives your main domain two links on one SERP, a subdomain gets you a max of another two. So now you have a max of 4 SERP listings pushing down negative listings, instead of just 2. I'll leave further discussion of reputation management for another post since I've already gone off on a tangent.

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