Hi all,

I'm trying to determine that best tool to use for giving prospective local clients a quick report that shows how they currently are doing in a number of areas like SEO locally, reviews, listings, social media and onsite optimization. I'm looking at a number of options including the following, but am having a hard time landing on one. I'm doing trials on a number of them, but I wanted to see what you recommend.

Here's who I'm currently testing:

Vendasta - have a really easy to understand report which is good, but I'm finding some of their grading to be lacking on some of the onsite and social media portions https:// www. vendasta.com/platform/snapshot

BrightLocal - probably the next best "snapshot" report I could find so far is BrightLocal's local Search Audit. Although not as visual as vendasta's snapshot tool, it seems to cover similar territory for the most part. https:// www. brightlocal.com/features-seo-agencies/

Seoprofiler.com - I like their reports, and they break their reports up to cover each of those areas in detail, but don't necessarily offer a concise report to give an overview of all of those categories: https:// www. seoprofiler.com

Bright local seems to have the best pricepoint, while seoprofiler may have the edge and actual overall set of tools. Vendasta seems to be a good marketing platform, but it is a good bit more expensive and their SEO portion of their tool could use some work.

What do you use and recommend for prospecting? Obviously with any report the goal is to use them as an opportunity to meet with a client, go over it with them, and hopefully earn their trust and eventually their business. But I also want to be able to lead with a report that isn't rocket science for an average business owner to understand. Appreciate any insights on that.