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    Automatically check if page is optimised?

    Hi guys,

    I have a massive list of URLs and want to check if the primary keyword for each URL has been optimised.

    I'm looking for something similar to Moz on-page grader which grades the URL and primary keyword with a single metric e.g. grade a, b, c

    However, Moz doesn't offer an API to pull this score automatically.

    I was wondering does anyone know of any tools which you can access their API to do something like this?

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    Tools for API testing:

    • SOAPUI.
    • Runscope.
    • Postman with jetpacks.
    • Postman with Newman.
    • Curl.
    • Cfix.
    • Check.
    • CTESK.
    • OR can visit google.com
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    Notvatronic...are the URLs just dynamically generated? If they are, you can just make an inference about the template based elements and run the tool once...another option is to run the URLs through a crawl tool and just analyze in excel...screaming frog is free for up to 500 URIs....in general though...I'm not a huge fan of those little onpage tools, they have been around for years and they're not perfect by any means...I would encourage you to think of your pages by template type and use that as your starting point for optimizing them...that approach, from my experience, lends itself much more readily to creating tasks for actually *doing*the optimizing..

    Does that get at your question?

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    I'm not sure if it will fit but Serpstat used to have various API reports for URLs. I don't remember now what types there were. I only used the one that showed all keywords that URL ranked for in search results, but I vaquely remember there was also the one that showed you a list of keywords that competitotrs; URLs rank for in top 10 but that are missed our from the queried pages.

    Sorry if it was of no use for you.

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    I just want to express my opinion on SEO. Seo works, then every page can be constructed with this rule set in mind. We all know that the most important keyword in your title should be the first one use. Also your meta description has no SEO ranking benefit, but it does affect SEO because meta descriptions do affect CTR and CTR does affect SEO indirectly. So keep these things in mind when designing a page. All these tools everyone is mentioning are great. they find errors and help you fix issues that would normally go possibly un-noticed.

    The actual mechanics of SEO does not change. If you understand it, use it, and design your page around it, then you are ahead of your competitors !. The tools are nice because they can address the simple issues most overlook because they are some what mundane. Its great to have a tool that will find your 404 errors so you can fix them. Same as fixing canonical urls and fixing them.

    The really big issues is understanding what the tool is saying and understanding it's recommendation. If you don't understand why the software recommends a change then you need to study up on your SEO.

    Knowing that the title limit is 55 characters is good, but knowing why 55 is the limit is understanding. Same as with other aspects of SEO. Knowing when to use rich anchor text for a link and not having to worry about a penalty is good to know.. Most do not understand that IBL, In Bound Links from some site to your site, a great thing to have can be a problem if you use extremely keyword rich anchor text, but using rich anchor text for a link that is on your site to an inner page is ok.

    These are the things that you need to know. There are many hundreds more to know ..........
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    While you may have created all your own content, there are e-thieves out there who will copy your content and put it onto their own website, maybe out of laziness or more malicious reasons.

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