OK, as I do with every post. Disclaimer... I am a n00b business owner with a design guy doing my site. That being said...

I am being told by the designer that we'll just 301 my 15-year-old domain to a brand new one we got when opening hosting account w/GoDaddy. He's been using the new one to create the site and I figured when it was ready to go, he would point the DNS record (on Network Solutions) to the ip of the new site. I don't know how 301s work or what they do other than G says to use them if you want to use the new domain, not the old one.

Won't that:
1) Make the new domain the one actually being used for my site and
2) Throw away any and all age juice I've got?

I am really fond of my old domain because it is a 4 character domain (www.XXXX.com) and it has age behind it. I built my logo around that 4-char domain. All of our e-mail addresses go to that domain (Hosted Exchange through Network Solutions).

I understand that I don't know squat (which is why I am turning to you folks), but this doesn't sound smart to me.

Thanks in advance for any wisdom.