Evening everyone,

Pretty new to SEO and currently in the process of putting site all together and have two quick questions.

1.) Recently watched a Lynda.com video on SEO where the author goes around keyword search by doing a Google Adwords keyword tool and then checking those results against a 'allintitle:keyword' search. That I get, but what I was planning to do then was with the relevant keywords I was going to make sure to include in future posts (but being careful not to keyword stuff!) But I'm wondering as to the relevancy of the keywords that I'm looking for titles, would have the same importance when included in posted content? Or would I be best to do a 'allintitle' for my title tag, and then a 'intitle' accumulated list for my content?

2.) Second question more had to do with search engines, but I'm a photographer based in two countries, and I'm wondering if it's possible to submit my site to a Irish google directory AND a UK google directory? Currently in London I have my site as a '.com' and I'm wondering if the only solution to this is to have a '.ie' domain and have two separate sites (but worrying as the content would be the exact same on both sites)

Thanks a million in advance to everyone!