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    Lightbulb Review My SEO Keyword Pages Please

    Hello all, I need someone to help me to review a SEO page that I have created.
    This pages targets a low competition keyword. Please note we are an Australian website.

    Keyword: "Find A Tutor"
    Url: tutorsfield.com.au/find-a-tutor

    We submitted this page to Google, however, this page is not listed on Google top 100 results. However, our main site tutorsifeld.com.au is listed on the first page, but not within top 3.

    Below is another page that I created which is similar to the page above. We are now at position 2.
    Keyword: "Tutor Finder"
    Url: tutorsfield.com.au/tutorfinder
    I wonder why the "Tutor Finder" page ranks so much better than the "Find A Tutor" page.. would it because of the content, number of words, etc

    I hope someone can give me some guidance on this. Much appreciated.
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    Let me start by saying that tutorfinder.com.au is certainly not getting better rank because of their design! You're site is much nicer to look at .

    I do notice a couple of red Flags on your page:
    1. You should NEVER EVER have an <h3> tag in the middle of content (in your case a list item). The <h1-6> tags have a very particular purpose, and I'd recommend refreshing their proper use (start here it's all good stuff, but check page 20)
    2. I would recommend starting the content of your <div class="content"> with a heading tag, probably and <h1>
    3. I'm in the US, and I know we have all sorts of crazy words that mean one thing here and another there (take Mr. Rooter for example lol), but reading your description meta tag, it seems there are some spelling and grammar mistakes. Now there is a lot of talk about description tags and whether or not they hold any weight at all in SEO anymore, but if you're going to include it, at least clean it up.
    4. Along the same lines are your meta keywords. These are now known to hold 0 weight in SEO, but if you're going to include them, don't stuff! That's like 90s style and is bad taste and bad practice.
    5. Using <br /> to determine the position of text is bad code (in addition, you're using html5 according to the doctype, so you should be using the <br> instead)
    6. Whenever possible, it's best to include CSS on external style sheets. a good example would be the content between the <style></style> tags - move this stuff out of the <head> to an existing or new external file.
    7. A note on internal linking: I noticed the link to your "http://tutorsfield.com.au/about" page is actualy linked to (in the code) as "/index.php?c=Fir_bottom&a=index&id=3"

      If this is the same case with you your page in question is linked to (i didn't check), then you need to have those links changed from the <index.php?.........> to "/find-a-tutor" or, even better, "http://tutorsfield.com.au/find-a-tutor"

    Hopefully this gives you some action items and a direction to go in to improve. Good luck and stay hungry!

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    Hi there, thank you very much for your advice. They all make sense to me! The Google document is really useful too : ) I will definitely implement the changes you recommended. If you notice any other problems please let me know Really appreciate your help!

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