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    Please review my website

    Dear All,
    Recently I built a website about elearning software reviews at 'elearningsupporter.com'. It is about reviews of elearning authoring software, screencast software and screen recorder, video editors..blah blah. After a few months working with my site, I realize that the load speed get only 63/100 from google page speed test. I am not sure how to improve it and how much it will affect my site ranking. can you advise?
    Thanks very much!
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    Hey Jacky...

    Regarding getting traffic to your site from Google organic search:

    It tends to take time for google to start ranking your website, especially if it very new...keep adding good content and trying to promote it and Google will start sending traffic but even if you do everything right, it tends to take time before you start getting visiblity in Google.

    regarding your load time speed concern

    I wouldn't worry about that too much at this stage, Google uses load time speed as a 'tie breaker' for ranking, it is not gonna be a major factor for your at this early stage.

    My review of your site..

    I went through by site section and wrote down my thoughts for each.. hope that this is helpful to point you in a direction..

    Global template:

    + remove "guest post" category - usability - Is there a specific reason why guest posts are separated into their own category? I'd recommend working guest posts into your other categories... chances are, human visitors will not click on a category called 'guest posts' because it will likely not be clear to them what type of content to expect by clicking on that section.

    + No copyright or privacy policy - best practice - As I was scrolling through the website, I did not see a copy right or a link to a privacy policy..I recommend adding both. If you're looking to just check privacy policy off the list, you can just get free templates if you google it.

    Home page thoughts:

    + Add homepage content - SEO - Right now, your homepage does not have any unique content to tell Google what your website is about. Consider adding a shelf below the main navigation or above the footer of the page to tell the user about the website

    + Page masthead constrast issue - Usability - Looking at the page masthead, it is very hard for me as a user to read the tagline, "eLearning Supporter provides useful reviews about Screen Recorder – Screencast Software – eLearning Software and more," since it is gray and blends in with the background....i'd recommend either adjusting the text color of the tagline to have a higher contrast or changing the background image to improve the contrast.

    Category Pages:

    + Add more content to category pages - SEO - I looked at https://elearningsupporter.com/category/elearning/ to get an idea of category pages on your website. Category pages look OK in terms of structure but I would increase the amount of unique content that you have on these..you have a sentence here but I think the page would benefit from a paragraph or so, introducing the visitor to the category and what they can find here.

    Article pages:

    Articles themselves actually look good to me


    + Create an about us section - best practice - It helps increase user trust to know who is behind a website. It is recommended to add an about page. I can't quite say that it is a ranking factor for Google but its a bigger deal than you'd think for prospective visitors to your website.

    + Don't have emails listed on your website - best practice - below guest posts you have the email proscreenrecorder@*****.com email listed for people to contact you with guest post opportunities - that email will end up getting burned with spam very quickly. I'd recommend either adding a second form, if you can...or pointing visitors to reach out with guest post inquiries to your contact us page.
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    Wow, thanks very much Whiterabbit. Your advice is very useful for me. I will look over the site and modify it.
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    Hi JackyN,
    There seems to be a screw up with your website's definition of your Home page.

    To see what I mean, do a Google site search. I.e. do this Google search:


    Click the little green "down" arrow after the URL in each search results and click through to the "Cached" version of the page.

    Do this for your Home page and your About page. You will find that Google is wrongly indexing your About page as your Home page.

    You need to correct this error before G can index your site correctly.
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    It did take about 5-6 seconds to load for me. Where are your servers located? And do you compress your images?

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