It's been a while! (2010 since I last posted!) but I've been trying to "make it" ever since and still refuse to give up

I setup my new site https://www.itjustgotpersonal.co.uk in 2017 and I've made a few thousand 's of sales using adwords and merchant center but I was actually losing money so I stopped this until I review my strategy.

One area I'm really missing out on is organic traffic from google, I have pretty much none! I wondered if any of you could take a look at my site and give me any advise on SEO and getting organic traffic. I think I have the basics covered from what I've picked up over the years but I'm still not quite there.

One of my highest ranking pages (with a decent monthly search volume) is for "Personalised Cheeseboards" but I'm still only 38 on google UK. The URL for this is Here. If you could specifically review this page and maybe I can get it ranking even higher?

Any other comments would really be appreciated, design, product range, usability etc.

Thanks in advance!