Tell me what you all think.. From a general perspective.

For instance.. Would links on the side of the page be better than the pictures? I love the pictures from a usability perspective but their not to SE friendly. What can I do with the pictures so that they are as friendly as links?

I'm aware that I need to get rid of the "?" and "=" in my URL's.. But what else?

Actually what I would like to do is to get a high ranking for each product page directly..

Meaning for this link.

I would like to be ranked high for "Motorola V80" Other than the URL, I thought I did a good job with the page optimization. What else could I do to rank higher? I'm not even getting spidered for any page other than the home page..

And of course trying for links.. is that really the end all be all?

Yahoo seems to have spidered almost the entire site, but I rank no where.. while Google hasn't hardly recognized me..

Thanks in advance..