Hi there,

I'm not sure if this section is active on the forums, but I'll try anyway ;-)

I'm running Facebook ads with a Website Conversion goal (and the pixel's in place), but lately I've been seeing strange behavior that has caused my ads to receive low reach and nearly no conversions. I've contacted Facebook Support, but the help I've gotten has been awful so I'm hoping people are able to help out here

The problem:

With the Website Conversion goal in mind, I've created different campaigns (each with their ad sets and ads). With my target audience (in Holland) I try to get at least 20.000 people, and with sufficient budget Facebook tells me I can get a daily ad reach of around 1.500 to 3000 people - sounds fine to me.

In the ad set, I prefer to optimize for conversions (see pic below) rather than for website clicks. However, when I choose the conversion optimization setting, I'm barely reaching 500 people a day. Of course the system can't optimize if there haven't been conversions, so I decided to choose the 'optimize for website clicks' goal to gather enough data and conversions so I could later switch back to 'optimize for conversions'.

After a week, and with around 20-30 conversion on the 'optimize for website clicks' goal, I thought it would be a good time to switch back and have it optimize for conversion. But again, ad reach falls flat and nothing happens.

I've also tried switching back to 'optimize for conversions' and put my budget massively high, in the hopes of getting a conversion so the ad set could carry on.

So, we've had to carry on running Facebook ads with the 'optimize for website clicks' for the past few weeks in order to have conversions.

Does anyone recognize this behavior on Facebook ads or does anyone have any tips to try out?

Anything would be greatly appreciated, thanks!