Appearance pay per click only works for sites with big bucks. Several years ago I got a ppc account with yahoo. I was not making any money online so my monthly budget was $100.00 which came out to $4.00 a day. They provided me with a math formula that when worded out showed for every 10 clicks I should get 2 sales. $400.00 later I had made no sales. I was told I needed $500.00 a month to spend on this to do any good but was hoping I could get a few sales and work my way up to $500.00. The only good thing about this is they set it up which was an additional $200.00. At least they offered free phone support which Google does not for adwords.

I finally made $500.00 over the past year with a page rank of 3 and top ten ranking on a number of keywords for my home page and have an average daily number of visitors of 400 now.

I was looking for site promotion and not realizing it was another ppc think I talked to a company called Super Pages and after a few minutes on the phone discoed it was ppc and they also wanted $500.00 a month. I realize I might have not got enough clicks to reach it but declined the offer because it could end up with me getting $500.00 of clicks.

Is there any ppc for the little guy? The theory is good but I need to be able to spend a little money, get a few sales to at least cover that and then grow. All of my monetizing is via affiliate programs so it takes time to get paid therefore spending a lot of money on ppc is risky for me. Is there a cheap alternative?