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    I am having a nightmare with my ppc campaigns

    Hi guys

    I'm not having much success with my Google/overture ppc

    i sell bling jewellery

    My keywords

    hip hop jewellery
    fashion jewellery
    bling bling
    bling watches


    These are just a few of my words, i spend about 50 a week on Google and 20 on overture and the sales are covering my ppc costs, this is really becoming a waste of time.

    What am I doing wrong? I just can't get conversions from these campaigns. Maybe it's my products check the site out maybe there is not enough selection or is ppc not for me

    A worried ppc spender


    your views will be much appreciated

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    I just checked and you are not listed for the last three terms on Overture UK. You are #2 for "hip hop jewellery" and #10 for "fashion jewellery." The number one bids are as follows for those terms on Overture UK:

    0.36 hip hop jewellery
    0.45 fashion jewellery
    0.10 bling bling
    0.36 bling
    0.44 bling watches

    The bids seem reasonable. But it depends on how much you make on your PPC spend (ROI).

    Can you get more targeted terms for your site? The "bling" ones seem pretty generic which may drive a lot of clicks but low conversions.

    Try writing each ad for reflect the search term. Like for "fashion jewellery" you should mention fashion jewellery in the ad text.

    Think about once someone gets to your site, what keeps them there? I would think that you should move your "Latest Products" section to the top and put the "shipping" and "currency conversion" text below the crease instead.

    Do you track what someone does when they get to your site. Do they just view the home page and leave or do they click in deeper?
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    Concentrate more on specifics such as "rapper gold watches" or "$brand gold watches"

    You'll get less impressions and clicks, but a much higher conversion.
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    Hi Dan,

    When conducting PPC accounts you have to consider what you profit margin and this will dictate what your maximum cost per click is. There is no point being number one on "bling bling" at 0.60 a click and your conversion rate on this keyword is only 0.02%. You are getting too many visitors window shopping when you should be in a lower position and getting real buyers visiting your website. If you are bidding on product titles make sure you deeplink to the website. This will help with conversion.

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