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    22 Tips to get more out of your PPC Campaigns

    This forum has always provided me with resources when I needed to know about SEO and PPC. Many forum writers have provided me with valuable tips. I want to thank Lovekills, Fathom, Pro Seo, GaryTheScubaGuy , Visio and many others for helping me take steps towards this field.

    This post is for those who are looking to get more out of their PPC campaigns. I enlist few points which might help you get more out of your PPC campaigns:

    1. Run SQR reports every often you have data for your campaigns and find out irrelevant searches. Add them as negative in your campaigns.

    2. When creating new campaigns add all three variations of keyword and analyze these match terms from SQR report. Choose the best match type for your keywords. For example if Phrase match is working well for your keyword ‘ New Crockery ‘, then set it as your main match type by deleting other types. Personally, when I create campaigns, I leave it up and running for couple of weeks to make sure I get enough data to analyze. Sometimes even 2 weeks are less, but yes it depends from Industry to Industry.

    3. Write 3 advertisements for each of your ad groups and try to include your keywords in those adverts. Remember to advertise your special offers / unique selling points.

    4. Some of the call to action terms are: Buy Now, Order Now, Order Today, Free Download, Visit our website, visit us, Order online, Buy Online, etc.

    5. Some other attention grabbing keywords are: Sale, 60% off, Massive Discounts, etc.

    6. Good keyword quality score helps in cutting costs.

    7. Following steps from 1 to 5 can help you get good Ad rank which will help you by placing your advert over your competitor’s advert.

    8. It’s possible that your competitor is paying £2 for an advert click, whereas you who are on top of your competitor’s advert are paying less. This is where Ad rank helps.

    9. Add Sitelinks to your campaigns, it increases CTR.

    10. Add Local Extensions, it helps in getting more exposure.

    11. Add Phone extensions, it helps in displaying numbers on PDAs, iPhones and similar mobiles. As a result, you can receive calls from interested traffic.

    12. If you do business in one location, for example you have a repair shop for electrical equipments in London then location settings might help. You don’t want to advertise all over UK as in you can’t service everyone.

    13. Make sure you have Adwords tracking enabled for your website.

    14. This tracking code should be placed on the page which completes your desired purpose. For example, if you have an e-commerce website selling toys, you might like to place this code on ‘Thank You ‘page after a sale is complete. If you have IT website that relies on enquiries, then enquiry sent page that user sees after submitting an enquiry might help you. If you have a business that would like both sales and enquiries, you can have both these codes added to your website and can track multiple actions.

    15. Conversion optimizer can help you get more conversions for your campaigns. In order to use this you need 15 conversions in a month for a campaign.

    16. Google Analytics, free tool from Google can help you in your PPC Campaigns.

    17. See what users are searching for in your website. If something is searched heavily but that keyword is missing in your campaign, then add it.

    18. Define Search Funnels; this will help you in knowing how many users entered the buying / enquiry process and where they left. Try to improve pages and try to analyze why they left that page and what can you do improve it.

    19. If you are thinking to increase conversions for Google Display network, it might be a good idea to implement Google’s re-marketing’ feature.

    20. If you have CTR of 0.30 to 0.55% on GDN, then that means you are doing superb. These are strong CTR for GDN.

    21. A good CTR for search would be 3%. However, it depends from Industry to Industry again. You might have poor CTR but massive conversions.

    22. ‘Test and Refine’ is the way forward to get more out of your campaigns.
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    1. SQR is a good way to refine your keywords.

    2. Stay away from broad match, especially short tails. Take advantage of the new broad match modifier instead of the old broad match type.

    3. Don't test more than 2 ads at a time.

    6. Yes. QS is the backbone of Adwords. It determines your position and your cost.

    9. ??

    12. For some reason, people overlook this.

    15. Personal preference but I like to have more control than let the system determine certain things for me.

    21. Stop thinking in absolutes! Look at your QS. It's the indication of how good your click rate is compared to competitors. Besides, absolute CTR is heavily influenced by position. QS is not, in fact, position is taken into account.

    Same with point 20. Only problem is, you don't know since there is no QS for the content network. Only thing you can do is try to increase your click rate.

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