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    Thumbs up Ebay page optimisation

    can any one give me clear structure to optimise my ebay page

    1) how to do on page seo optimistion for ebay page
    2) and off page optimisation for ebay page

    kindly any one help in step by step process please
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    ebay is real simple

    you buy the FEATURED SPOT

    what are they 25 for cat's

    or you roll the dice with the old 100 buck on front page of site rotation for a few minutes

    do they even still do that

    no such thing as ebay optimization, unless you mean for inside ebay,

    ebay matches off it's listing titles

    then they have search filters

    guys with huge numbers in happy transactions get some favoritism

    no one sells REAL STUFF on ebay

    it's garbage

    if you don't own what you sell, like making an exclusive product, you are a bs bulk buyer of crap anyone can buy and you have to sell at a margin you usually loose money with on ebay

    by the time you pay ebay the winning auction fees and the paypal trans fee, and shipping you are usually at 10% of gross sale GONE, so you bought something for 90 bucks and flipped it for 100, you broke even if you're lucky

    and 10% margins are the norms on ebay


    then you don't even go near ebay

    ebay is a waste of time IMO

    for any real company that actually makes something

    you want something CHEAP you go to ebay

    who wants that mentality as a client

    the only ones making money on ebay are the garbage men, that find stuff in the trash for FREE then it's only their time that is invested in the item

    you try to buy and sell stuff and use ebay as your sales platform you go broke very fast

    anyone can compete with you there, so they can buy where you buy and sell a few cents cheaper and that's the game

    how cheap can you sell the same crap anyone can sell

    or you pick through trash to find stuff others threw away

    what do you do

    pick trash

    or buy crap you don't make

    oh you make something

    then stay away from ebay

    it's the wrong mind set of buyers

    they want CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP

    unless you mcdonalds selling MILLIONS of things cheap cheap cheap

    you can't make millions on pennies, usually, you make it by making chunks of profit in as little amount of deals as possible

    all the multi-millionaires that made millions off of pennies were all well financed by banks to grow into enough locations to turn pennies into millions and it took a lifetime to do usually

    buy low sell high is the age old motto of business owners that make money

    ebay it's buy low and sell as low as possible and when you add up the ebay sales fees and the paypal trans and the shipping and the cost of labor to do the trans

    you usally LOOSE MONEY on ebay

    unless you do it all yourself and your stock comes from the trash can

    no such thing as ebay optimization IMO

    unless you call stuffing a title line 'seo'

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