Stationmaster in the web site to do for the SEO optimization, Baidu and Google SEO optimization can understand the difference? Because the webmaster wants to put their own site to Google and Baidu optimization and think that it is high weight Baidu and Google sites, but these two search engine algorithms are also different. How to grasp these differences of detail to Baidu and Google SEO analysis optimization is the difference between SEO master to master SEO optimization technology.

Indexed by difference

Stationmaster all know, Google collects a website is very fast, no matter you are original content or acquisition duplicate content, no matter you are carefully optimized web site or pure garbage station Google is not mistaken as received. But it was not so hardworking Baidu included, some sites even if not collecting garbage station, collect and submit Baidu, it would be the last month. But also have the first day to the very next day it included exceptions, this individual case is purely character is too good, we do not explain. Baidu and Google SEO so optimized to distinguish the first point is included on the difference between. Some people may ask, why Google Baidu collect collect fast, slow? This is because Google and Baidu algorithm with minor differences, see below.

Website rank difference

Above said Baidu and Google SEO optimization are indexed by difference, but the stationmaster comrades, once your website is collected after Baidu, means that the baidu website ranking and Google website ranking has essentially changed. For Baidu audit a station is very strict, if you are not included in Baidu do before the station optimization, I can assure you, your these stations optimization method can directly improve the stationmaster's ranking. In other words do first station optimization, then wait for Baidu lengthy review, then put out the snapshot is certainly a ranking. While Google is actually just the opposite, early whatever you website optimization, new station will go to Google sandbox period, enter the sandbox effect, your website without any ranking, but snapshots collected normally. So the difference is Baidu and Google website SEO optimization the most obvious difference. If the new station to do Baidu optimization, the author suggests to Baidu did not collect before you learn how to choose the key words, then a full station optimization, then according to the search engine spider principles to the correct application submitted by baidu. Such a program, after collecting, Baidu will show the keyword ranking, and Google is not so fast.

Cheating punish difference

Believe that through 2012 July Baidu big update the master all know Baidu and Google punishment for cheating the difference. But there are still many novice owners do not understand. Baidu and Google SEO optimization distinction is reflected in cheating punish factor. If your website black hat cheating, the Baidu will take you back to K website the night before liberation, if the website is K because hackers attacks led, can go to Baidu Complaint Center appeal, if cheating was plucking you wait for death, but before you no matter how high the weights, are K to your heart. But Google for cheating punish has a set of perfect mechanism, unlike the Baidu so rude. Since you will know the Google search engine technology more advanced than Baidu Baidu, in China is the oldest in the world, Google is the overlord! Because of Baidu algorithm backward technology, will lead to rank in china. If your website was caught cheating in the Google Webmaster tools, by e-mail sent to you, let you be sincerely convinced. Even if the cheating will not appear K you want to jump off building that state. And sometimes you didn't cheat in the morning, suddenly you'll find out your site rankings from Baidu disappeared, it can better embody the Baidu and Google SEO optimized to distinguish, so owners do not complain, because you live in china.

Baidu and Google SEO is in principle does not have too big difference, Baidu and Google SEO optimization only difference is in the details and technical content. So stationmaster people not too be or Baidu or Google first optimization, as long as we conscientiously carry out station, Baidu and Google will give you a higher power of severe.