Hi there

As I can not find presentation topic, let me present myself in a few words before anything.

I'm Vincent, a french blogger on SEO and what we call "referencement" in french. As our language make clear distinction between optimizing a website (we call that SEO) by puting relevant title, meta, h1.... and "referencing" a website which consist on registering to directories, posting comments on blogs, create some PR on PR platform and so on (making backlinks), it is not so evident to find out specific informations on "referencement".
Anyway, this is not the most important, I also own 3 directories, a generalist one in french, a blog directory in french and a generalist one in english hosted in US IP and which btw doesn't encounter a big success.

The thing is that internet french community is using a lot of directories but very very far from the one we commonly find in English language. Indeed, most of US directories are in fact listings, descriptions are short (often 255 characters only), links and anchors are not optimized for SEO, you can not add deep links on your description, can not make long descriptions, add your RSS, FB page, Twitter, display your map and when it is listings, you don't have a dedicated page for your with your url rewritting etc....

In a sens, the common thinking in french community is that registering to US directories is useless, difficult, often you have to pay as if the service is not very SEO, used scripts to pulse directories are old scripts.....

I wrote a few month ago an article talking about those difficulties on just registering a website in US directories because most of them are just bull****, some doesn't continue to accept website without telling it, in a sens it is a big jungle, most of owners have payable formula but it doesn't make sens to pay for almost nothing, it is very very difficult and that was the substra of the article.

Ironically, I also described how you can easely find on fiveer some owner of directories who accept to create for 5 box registration on 10 directories (they usually own themself) making a sort of major rebate because the reality is that most of them claim 15$ to be listed on their repository but they sale nothing because it doesn't make sens for webmaster to pay such pitty links.

So now, I would like to write another article on registering a english website on english directories but I can not find by myself some clean directories, using for exemple Arfooo script, validating new registrations, providing a good service (in exchange of a backlink isn't a problem if it is not on the footer of the website which is also a crazy demand I have seen so many times, so ridiculous): I would like this article giving a better point of view because the preceding one was really black because finding a good one is like "finding a needle in a haystack".

I would be really glad if some of you in this community could share a short list to make my article.

Please fell free to send me private message to comply with rules here and to ask me what I mean by good directory as I consider the one I did could be usefull, I can give you the URL by PM

To finish this long post, a question:
Why US directories doesn't use modern scripts like Arfooo to build their directories and why finding a quality directory is so difficult?
Please don't tell me that it still exist, I wouldn't believe except if you can send me a link (this is not only to get links, this is because I haven't been able to find 1 after searching for hours).

Thanks for your welcome and maybe replies