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    YouTube - Quality or Quantity?

    Hi guys,

    I used to be in the SEO game a few years back as a consultant. However I had a change of career and have had a break from it.
    However I have now managed to get back in to the game.

    I have been talking to other consultants that my company has been using in the past, and there ideas seem to contradict mine quite considerable.

    Their idea is that quantity is everything! However back when I was doing SEO the first time round, this was very much wrong!

    Basically, they are posting lots of 10-20 second YouTube videos, which to put it politely, are absolutely terrible!! Now my argument was that this puts a very bad image forward from a marketing point of view, and surely it is then also classed as a low quality link seeing as though they are struggling to get 10 views?

    I had a meeting with the director earlier this afternoon to discuss these matters, but I felt I could not argue as I have been out of the game for so long!

    Any advice would be massively appreciated!

    Thanks, Josh
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    While you have been away Google have introduced (I maybe giving credit to the wrong place) a newish tag, rel="nofollow"
    In the past all links used to count including these 1000's of directories, blogs article sites etc that sprung up as link farms basically. The nofollow tag though killed them and a lot of social media and almost every other authority site you would have targeted for a link. I am not saying link build is completely dead but its a hell of a lot harder than it used to be.
    The sites that are not using nofollow for external links now you should treat them with suspicion, I am sure google does and often they are very spammy so can have negative effect on your efforts.

    If your not sure what this tag is its basically a instruction to google to not pass page rank, Google still follows it so having a load of nofollow links is not harmful but it proves to google that your not trying to manipulate SERPS.
    This site for example is all nofollow.

    So your new peers who are blindly posting up videos, mmmm I would strongly question their activities and ask for proof where someone has gained in SERPS because of that activity.
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    Well, as Chedders noted above, those links are absolutely useless (unless they drive traffic which they won't if the quality of videos is so low that they are not expected to generate views). So that strategy doesn't really make sense, so if I were your boss, I wouldn't even waste time discussing it!
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    Thank you very much for your replies! I did expect as much but didn't feel I could argue the case without back up, and I don't mind admitting that I'm wrong!

    Thanks again guys!

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