Hey everyone,

We seem to be experiencing an SEO issue within our wordpress site which has been built with the Vantage Wordpress Director theme.

For example, one keyword that we’re currently targeting is ‘Asian Bridal Wear’ for which the target url is http://directory.yourdreamshaadi.co.uk/listing-category/?a=asian-bridal-wear

The issue we face is that Google seems to be ranking this page http://directory.yourdreamshaadi.co.uk/listing-category/ higher than the above mentioned url for the search term “Asian Bridal Wear"

This issue is playing out for many other of our keywords. Could it be a canonical issue?

I know that Google see’s this link as more important than our target urls because it has many more back links (which seem to be an aggregate of internal back links created by the theme rather than any links we have conciously built

Should we no follow http://directory.yourdreamshaadi.co.uk/listing-category/ this page in Google Web master tools or would that also have an adverse effect on pages like http://directory.yourdreamshaadi.co.uk/listing-category/?a=asian-bridal-wear

Any advice would be REALLY appreciated

Kind Regards,