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    website migration (www to no-www)

    My company migrated to a new website about 2 weeks ago. From www.xyz.com to xyz.com
    Our keywords have tanked, from the first page to page 3
    1. Have we given the 301 redirects enough time (the whole site is 301 redirected and a few key pages that had our keywords)
    2. Is mirgrating from www.xyz.com to xyz.com similar to changing urls in google's eyes?
    3. Should we go back to www.xyz.com and change our preferance in webmaster console? (right new webmaster is "redirecting" our urls, and we have no preference as far as www or not.
    Thank you, any advice would be helpful
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    it is treated as a new site as the www was a sub domain, providing you have 301 redirected each page to the new page i.e www.domain/somepage -> domain/somepage then you will see the old site drop in rankings and the new site replace it.
    There used to be a slight lose in page rank using the 301 but google announced a couple of months ago they are no longer doing this. I would however make sure you have no internal absolute links and where ever possible get external links changed. If you have submitted a site map also make sure that contains the new structure.

    So assuming you have done it correctly then you should be OK.
    Personally I also prefer the non WWW as its less for the user to type and the www is a throw back to the old days.
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    Originally Posted by alimhager
    and we have no preference as far as www or not....

    You should set your preference, it is even recommenced by Google.

    On a further note, normally when I change a site's preference, I see the GSC data tank for a few days or so, until it catches up, ie the next time the site is crawled. One mistake you could have made is not changing
    your sitemap. This will definitely cause a problem. Make sure it has been updated to reflect your changes. 3 years ago I leaned the sitemap error the hard way. LOL took me a month to get it all straightened out.
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