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Hi All,

I have been tearing my hair out trying to figure out why BING wont index a test site we're running.

We're in the midst of upgrading one of our sites from archaic technology and infrastructure to a fully responsive version.
This new site is a fully AngularJS driven site. There's currently over 2 million pages and as we're developing the new site in the backend, we would like to test out the tech with Google and Bing.

We're looking at a pre-render option to be able to create static HTML snapshots of the pages that we care about the most and will be available on the sitemap.xml.gz

However, with 3 control pages established, where we had a page with no robots metatag on the page, one with the robots NOINDEX metatag in the head section and one with a dynamic header as created by AngularJS on a third page with the NOINDEX directive as well.

In addition to those 3 control pages, we had 3 pages where we had an internal search results page with the dynamic NOINDEX header. A listing page with no such header and the homepage with no such header.

With Google, the correct indexation occured with only 3 pages being indexed, being the homepage, the listing page and the control page without the metatag.

However, with BING, there's nothing. No page indexed at all.

I have a valid sitemap.xml file and a robots.txt directive open to all engines across all pages yet, nothing.

I used to fetch as Bingbot tool, the SEO analyzer Tool and the Preview Page Tool within Bing Webmaster Tools, and they all show a preview of the requested pages. Including the ones with the dynamic header asking it not to index those pages.

I'm stumped. I don't know what to do next to understand if BING can accurately process dynamic headers or AngularJS content.

Anyone else used dynamic headers or AngularJS that might be able to chime in perhaps?

Thanks in advance for your assistance....