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    Question Table cells: how to optimize if not text


    I have lots of pages on my website, where the main content is made of tables, and cells are just colors.
    Think of a time schedule where you would have the busy and non busy times of your post office for example. Some timeslots would be green, other orange, other red.
    This table is the center of the page, and SEO-wise... it's worth almost nothing.

    We could have a title stating "Best times to go to Post Office XYZ", a legend/caption, and that's it, nothing more for Google to digest.

    Cells are designed to host text, which is the SEO content. But in my case, they're filled by a hex code for the color.
    Any advice?
    I've looked into accessibility best practices, like if our schedule should be screenreader compatible, it's the right direction but it still doesn't fit my specific case.
    My value is in these colored cells, and for Google, it's nothing
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    You could create an image but the alt tag would not be anymore valuable than the title you mentioned... I don't think there's much you can do about it
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    Yeah I thought of that option but the problem is that my tables have around 40 cells, with 2,3,4 colors on them. So that would make 10 cells with alt tag #1, 10 cells with alt tag #2, etc. Too much I'd say :/
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    I think it would be beneficial to know the site address to give any specific advice in this instance.. with that being said...

    Tables can be created with a "header row so to speak", this is where you can use "Very Descriptive and SEO Rich Text" in labeling the columns. Also surround the tables with content that is relevant to the tables to help SE's understand the intent.

    I suggest you sort of, kind of, treat a table the same as a picture. if you get my meaning. You surround the picture with text that is topic related, ie relevant.

    This table explains the best times to go fishing, how temperature may influence your catch rate. Why fishing before or after it rains can be of benefit... etc etc.

    Hope this help you Mate.

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