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    Smile Is this Risky?


    I have placed an order with volarex of fiverr. see her gig here

    I went for $200 super seo dominator package. She has thousands of positive reviews and hundreds of repeat buyers.

    She has assured me that her service 100% google friendly and there is no risk of penalty.

    See gig description at,q_auto,f_auto/gigs/641433/original/70297efa0329aef7d882ceaeeb8549d993560ea8.jpg

    backlinks are mixture of do-follow and no-follow.

    What do you think guys? Is it safe?

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    No it's not safe, your domain will be ruined but most people pay 5 times that amount to seo people to ruin their domain so great job!

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    Hello and welcome!

    I wholly agree with KP. Asking if this is safe is like pointing a loaded gun at your head and saying "See, it's not loaded!" then pulling the trigger.

    Besides that, going step by step:

    - 40 "High PR" Web 2.0 submissions: There's no way to tell what a website's PR is anymore. For all you know, they could be getting you links to domains that are dead, penalized, worthless, etc. PR just isn't something that ANYONE outside of Google can know anymore. "Web 2.0" is a buzzword that I really hate - it basically means any website that involves user submitted content. So again, for all you know, they could just submit a bunch of spammy comments to some random blog that had good PR five years ago. Those links are likely no-followed anyway - so they probably won't net a penalty or do serious damage - but the value in them would be traffic...and if your traffic isn't well targeted, converting, or doing anything for you...what is it for? This traffic would be worthless too, probably.

    - 20 Document Sharing: What does that even mean?

    - 1 Q&A: So...a post on a Q&A site like quora or something? I struggle to understand how a single Q&A post would bring value to your site. Unless they're creating a piece of content for you? In which case, I again doubt that it will have a lot of value just because this person doesn't seem to be super proficient in English. And if the English is bad, the post won't connect with English speakers. They'll be turned off by the bad grammar and spelling. I would not buy any content from this person.

    - 20 Image Sharing: Again, what does that do for you?

    - 10 Video Submission: Why? What videos? Do they make the videos? Do they take your videos and make tumblr posts with them or something? I guess if you're looking to get a ton of views on a video and they have some massive social media account up their sleeve or something...

    - 40 Article Directories: Directories, in this day and age, will either do long-term harm to your website or are just worthless.

    - 50 High PA/DA Social Bookmarks: Social bookmarking - what is that? Social media posts? If they're good for anything it might be traffic and if that traffic isn't targeted, converting, or somehow useful to you...then it does you no good.

    - 500 Web 2.0 submissions: Ok, now we're getting into the dangerous stuff. You have no idea what kind of quality these links will be.

    - 12,000 Wiki: What does that even MEAN?! 12,000 Wiki? Are they going to create wikis for you? Are they going to spam Wikipedia pages to try and get you links there? You do know that the editors there are practically full-time, very obsessive about their jobs, and will see what they're doing in a heartbeat, right? This fiverr person doesn't even explain what this step is - and 12,000! 12,000! That's a HUGE AMOUNT OF SPAM. Holy cow! HUGE! SPAM! GOD DAMN!

    - 200 High PR Blog Comment: So...again, we don't know what PR is anymore. They could be targeting blogs that had good PR five years ago and, for all we know, are worthless now. It's impossible to know. And the comments? SPAM! AGAIN, SPAM. They're probably nofollow too, which means that if they'd be good for anything it would be traffic and - yadda yadda.

    - 200 EDU Backlinks: They're promising you 200 links to edu sites. Do you know what quality those sites will be? Do you know if they'll really be good for you or do anything for you? Google will see your site get 200 links in 15 days - there's no way that won't trip alarms at anti-spam headquarters. Come on.

    - 500 dofollow backlinks: A HUGE AMOUNT OF SPAM. This is the one that will almost certainly cause you longterm harm. She promises to deliver 500 DOFOLLOW BACKLINKS IN 15 FREAKING DAYS!!! Sheesh!

    - PING Linkalicious: Pinging is useless. Beyond useless. It does nothing.

    - 20,000 Backlinks: HOLY SWEET TAP DANCING JESUS, NO. In FIFTEEN FREAKING DAYS?!??!?! Watch in amazement as your site...disappears! Magic!

    - Social Signals: What good are these to you? What will be promoted? Will it make money? Or will you just have 200 Facebook likes all of a sudden. Yay, hooray...that could mean nothing. What if it's 200 Facebook likes, one like on 200 different posts of yours? And what if those likes aren't organic - they're just made by the person doing the gig? Then you won't have even marketed to real people with SOCIAL media - you'll just have some over-inflated posts that mean nothing.

    She has assured me that her service 100% google friendly and there is no risk of penalty.
    Of course she would say that! If you're selling rotten apples that have been painted to look nice, what are you going to tell the customer? "Oh, see my nice apples? Well they're really rotten underneath. But they look nice right?" NO! What self-respecting salesperson is going to tell the people they're selling stuff to that their product is total crap? They'll sell them like they were made out of gold because they need to make money!

    Finally, let's look at the "ratings" on fiverr. You can see three categories:

    - Seller communication
    - Service as described
    - Would recommend

    Wow, 5 stars for each. Except those metrics are USELESS AND TELL US NOTHING.

    1. Seller communication: So they'll communicate with you and respond to emails. Ok, great. That doesn't fix the fact that the work they do will cause long-term harm to your site or be totally worthless.
    2. Service as described: Well, the services aren't really described well. So I guess they get 5 stars for their VAGUELY DESCRIBED SERVICES. What if I described water to you as "It's wet." I'd get 5 stars for that because it's true, right? But it doesn't mention the fact that you can drown in it!
    3. Would recommend: I can only assume that this 5 star rating was given by people who didn't understand that they were shooting themselves in the foot with this service. When they saw the golden promise of 20,000 links in 15 days and then it was delivered on, they probably thought "This is great! I got links for doing nothing but paying a cheap price!" I wonder if they would still recommend this service a year down the line?

    I'll be cynical - if a person can build 20,000 crappy links in 15 days, what's to say they can't build 20,000 five star comments in two months?

    Wait a minute, I found a good looking review:

    The press releases were written in poor English Grammer and just touched on my product lightly. Seller said it doesn't matter but I am a perfectionist and not pleased with the content of article.Can't say I would buy it again b/c I have no idea of how this will affect my website speed or Google rank
    Sounds about right to me! Except that reviewer left 5 stars?! Why?! Who knows - maybe it was a mistake? But the seller doesn't seem to care, because their response is:

    GENEROUS!! Many thanks for this your 1st orders and 5 stars review! Thanks a lot for this long term business
    So they aren't going to address the fact that they sent out some TERRIBLE press releases that weren't even related to the product? NO! All they care about is that sweet, sweet fiverr rating. Of course!

    I guess I got all worked up writing this. I shouldn't have even written this much - KernelPanic got the point across better than I did. If it sounds too good to be PROBABLY IS!

    Sorry if I came across as harsh. But this is really not safe, no. Not in my opinion.

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    Originally Posted by sachnyc
    She has thousands of positive reviews and hundreds of repeat buyers.
    ..and hundreds of those will soon flock on this forum and others wondering why they have lost their ranks and traffic when the next penguin update rolls out.

    She has assured me that her service 100% google friendly and there is no risk of penalty.
    Why wouldn't she?

    At the end of the day - it's your website and you can hire anyone to do anything that you deem is acceptable.

    Her services are almost guaranteed to ruin your website's ranks in Google. If you do go with her, I'd strongly suggest saving up to hire a penalty recovery professional in the next few months.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks for genuine and honest feedback. I have cancelled the gig and asked for refund. I always doubted this gig.
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    Yeah all those backlinks are not good at all. You need quality on tier 1, web 2 sites are good. There is a good working web 2.0 backlink strategy right here <removed link>, it is working in 2017 and the proof is there too. Take a look :-)

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