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    Ranking not improving

    My site is almost 3 mth old, but not getting any improvement in ranking.
    The target keywords is quite simple and having low competition.
    Meanwhile i designed similar categories website on other domain and it rank fast and improving day by day.

    Plz help me https://goo.gl/85NNMJ
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    Hi Aradhan

    I see lots of problems with your site...

    Here is a partial capture from your home page...

    1. Notice the h2 tags, they are almost the same color as your background and do not stand out. Hard on the eyes for reading.
    2 Your use of the English language is "Bad". You need some one with English as a 1st language to proof read your content before publishing it.
    3 You content in general is spammy and poorly constructed, again I refer you to #2 above.
    4 I suggest you read this >>> Google Quality Search Guidelines it will help you in evaluating your site. 160 page PDF of some value to you!

    Lets look at your about page....

    1 Again, notice your h3 tag it is almost invisible, Google frowns upon this very badly, and will consider this trying to use invisible text. VERY BAD IDEA !!
    2 You cannot see any of the form fields to fill in. Again a very poor quality page.
    3 This page is not about your business, has absolutely no information what-so-ever !! This page as is will never rank, PERIOD !

    Now lets look at your Prices page.... ( which should actually be named "Services" )

    1 Why do you expect this page to even show up in the "SERPS ? It has "ABSOLUTELY NO CONTENT".
    2 Not much else I can offer you on this page but to add pertinent content !!

    Now lets look at your contact page....

    Again, this page, same as your prices / services page is devoid of content !
    This page will never rank and it gives Google no reason to index it. It's a blank page.

    Bottom line, this site looks like it was thrown together over night. No care was given to the grammar of the content, sorry but no easy way give advice without being brutally honest.

    This site needs a complete make over. It has no content of value. All the RED links on your home page link to your home page. Those links should be keyword rich and link to inner pages of your site, not your home page.

    If you read the guide I provided a link to you will find the answers to most of your current problems.

    Best suggestion I can provide you....

    Out source this work to some one that ....

    Can read and write english as their 1st language.

    Knows local SEO and doesn't cost an arm and a leg, you are in India, so you should be able to find someone that is inexpensive.

    I would suggest you talk to Prof. Stan a member here, whom happens to live in India. He can probably help you a tremendous amount !

    Oh and BTW, the use of RED for links is a bad color choice in my opinion, it screams stay away to me. But that is just my humble opinion.

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    I think the advice above is worth paying for alone lol

    Not sure if the links are an attempt to trick Google with anchor texts linking the page they're already currently on, either way, it's not working.

    If you can't afford somebody to do SEO for you...

    Option 1:

    Then forget it exists. Because what you're doing isn't good.

    If SEO didn't exist, would you have those links on your page? Nope.
    If SEO didn't exist, would you be keyword stuffing? Nope.

    Write good content, which makes sense. Make the site nice for users, maybe look into what makes a good title in regards to SEO, and H1... other than that, just forget the search engine is a thing. Think of the user. You'll see better results doing this to what you're currently doing.

    Option 2:

    Learn SEO, could start by clicking the link in my signature. It's actually from the horse's mouth (Google), I think it's a very good read for those who are taking the wrong path in their education in SEO

    Question: Why are you aiming for "female to male massage" so much?
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